2017 Resolutions


One of the reasons for starting this blog was to document my goals for the year, why I choose these goals, how I plan to achieve them and record my journey in accomplishing them, so here is my list of 2017 goals:


  • Spanish
    • Finish the Duolingo Spanish tree
    • Work through my Spanish in 12 weeks book
    • Work through my Advanced Spanish book
  • French
    • Finish the Duolingo French tree
    • Work through my French in 12 weeks book


  • Learn to knit properly
  • Learn to crochet
  • Knit/crochet:
    • Gloves
    • A scarf
    • A hat
    • An earwarmer
    • Toys for each of my two nephews
    • A jumper for each of my two nephews
    • A temperature afghan
  • Dabble in photography
  • Make my own bath bombs and soap
  • Learn to sew with my sewing machine
  • Scrapbook
    • Scrapbook my 2016 365 photo challenge
    • Scrapbook my 2017
    • Scrapbook my Disney 2015 holiday
  • Begin my 100 year journal


  • Give more than receive
  • Give blood 3 times
  • Finish my epic Christmas gift for my mum and step-dad
  • Start and finish my epic Christmas gift for my grandparents
  • Start computerising the mountain of family photos we have


  • Start planning our wedding
  • Book the third parties
  • Send Save the Dates

Organise my life

  • Sort through:
    • My videos
    • My music
    • My laptop
    • The photos I take on a monthly basis
  • Move house
    • Declutter!

My development

  • Read 24 books
  • Listen to 24 books
  • Start a blog
  • Write in my diary 5x per week
  • Practise brush-lettering
  • NaNo
    • Participate twice
    • Write coherent novels!


  • Create a secondary source of income
  • Open my Etsy store
    • Achieve 100 sales
    • Achieve 150 sales
    • Achieve 200 sales
    • Achieve 250 sales
  • Save for our wedding/honeymoon
    • £4000
    • £5000
    • £6000
  • Become (mainly) debt-free

My body

  • Create and maintain an exercise routine
  • Lose about 4% body fat
  • Improve my flexibility
    • Achieve a solid wheel
    • Get left leg oversplits
    • Get right leg oversplits
    • Achieve a flat 180 degree pancake
  • Practise handbalancing




Writing all of that down, I feel a little overwhelmed. There is a lot there to achieve in a year but at the end of the day, if I can start to chip away at some of those goals, then I will have made some progress in my ultimate journey to being who I want to be. While I would like to achieve all of my goals, I don’t expect to be able to, as I know there is a lot loaded onto my plate with that list! Which leads me onto my (brief) reasoning for my goals.



I have always wanted to be able to speak more than one language. I studied French and German at GCSE level but didn’t do anything after that, which means I haven’t really practised languages since I was 16. A few months ago, I started learning Spanish, and realised that it is quite similar to French so I decided to learn that at the same time too. It can be a bit confusing at times, but I found it too hard to choose which one to learn first so decided to do both!

I started using the app Duolingo, which I found to be a good first step. In addition to the app, I have bought the French and Spanish version of Hugo’s In 12 Weeks series, which I want to work through to help learn about grammar, tenses and sentence structure.




I used to knit and sew when I was a kid but due to circumstances, I didn’t continue with these two hobbies. As part of my desire to be a better person, I would like to take up knitting and sewing again, as well as crochet (something I started learning at the very end of 2016). I have chosen a few things to make in regards to knitting and crocheting so I can continue to learn new abilities and also show my skills.


I bought an SLR camera back in 2013 with the intention of learning how to properly use it. While I can get some pretty decent pictures now, I still don’t feel comfortable enough to be able to take good pictures all of the time, so I would like to change that. I also think that learning the basics of photography will help with the pictures on my blog.

Bath bombs and soap

This is probably just another thing I decided to do to overload my already mountainous plate, but I’ve had my eye on it for a while. Mr T (my fiancé) and I love bath bombs but there aren’t really many places around where we live that sell them, so I would like to make my own, which is the same for handmade soap.


I bought scrapbooking supplies in 2014 after having decided that I wanted to start documenting my life but when Mr T and I moved in with my parents, my supplies were put into storage so I’ve not had the chance to be able to start this. I love looking back through photo albums and I feel scrapbooking will provide a more creative way of me to be able to document my life.



At the end of 2016, I realised that I don’t feel as though I do much for other people so I would like to change that. Ultimately I would like to be able to crochet/knit some scarves for the homeless/hats for premature babies but for this year, I have decided to give blood and give my mum/stepdad and grandparents some awesome Christmas gifts (for obvious reasons I cannot share what these gifts are until after Christmas!). I also want to create an electronic version of our family photos in case anything should happen to our hard copies.



With 2018 fast approaching, Mr T and I really need to start to thinking about our wedding! While we have time in 2018 to finalise the details such as wedding music, favours and bridesmaid dresses, we definitely need to book up the third parties so we can have who we want on our chosen date.


Organisng my life

Hands up if you have photos, videos, music and documents scattered everywhere on your harddrive?

I started sorting out my music years ago and my photos last year, now I just have the rest of my music to finish sorting through as well as my videos (from 2015, 2016 and 2017) and documents, not forgetting photos + videos as and when I take them this year!


My development


I love reading and consuming books and for a long while, I stopped reading because I just wasn’t making the time for it. I really want to change that and make my way through the books I already own (as well as the ones I’m buying so frequently!)


Writing in my diary was always important to me when I was younger but over the past 3 years, I kind of fell out of touch with it and stopped writing in it as frequently, which I desperately want to change, for the sake of my mental health as well as the chance to be able to read back on my life in a few years.


Brush-lettering kind of fits hand-in-hand with my bullet journalling. I love practising my handwriting and brush letting looks so calming and amazing!


NaNoWriMo is a month-long event in November that challenges individuals to write 50,000 words in 30 days, and the organisation also has ‘Camp NaNoWriMo’ in each April and June where you can set your own word count. I participated in NaNo in 2010 and then every year since 2012 and this year, I really want to be able to write a novel that I am proud to let people read!



As my fiancé and I are new to our own home, we really need to work hard to manage our finances for the house and for our wedding/honeymoon next year. I want to create a secondary source of income (my Etsy store) so I can put all of the money I am earning from that into our wedding account to hopefully have the best honeymoon we can afford! (I’m definitely more of a honeymoon girl than a wedding one) And paying off our credit-card debt means we will be able to put all of our spare money into achieving this.


My body

I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and I really want to stop that this year by eating right and maintaining an exercise regime. Not only do I want to feel good about how my body looks, I also want to feel good about what my body can do, so I also plan on stretching for flexibility and practising handbalancing.


Did you make if to the end of this behemoth of a post? If so, congratulations and thank you! Be sure to check back in regularly for an update at how I’m getting along with my goals for 2017!