Bullet Journal: June 2017 Set-up

June 8, 2017

Hi all!

Since it is (kind of) the start of a new month – and I also only recently finished setting up my bullet journal for June (I need to get better at setting it up before the month starts!), I thought I’d share with you my set-up for this month.

If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, check out the official website, or my previous blog post (Intro to Bullet Journal)

The first part of my June set-up is my title page. I decided not to go with a “Goodbye May, Hello June” double spread, simply because I am getting to the last 50 or so pages of my Leuchtturm notebook and I really want to get the most out of them as possible. My June title page is quite bare, but I might go back later and add some colour to it, as well as a small quote at the bottom of my May dailies on the left hand page.

My next double spread is my calendar and my favourites/currently page. I don’t really use the calendar too much, but I find it is really handy for adding in appointments or tasks that I want to complete/remember on a certain day. Since I don’t use weekly spreads, this calendar is pretty much my only way of remembering events happening in the immediate future.

My favourites/currently page is something I have been trialling since January this year. I did have one memories page per month for the entire of 2016 but I was getting so behind in drawing each of my memories that I decided to scrap it for the new year and instead use a written way of recording a snapshot of my month. It didn’t really go so well, though, as I fell behind in creating the pages and then forgot to fill them out, but this month I was determined to start tracking my favourites so I created this simple yet cute pastel spread.

The ‘one line a day’ page is something I have been doing for the past few months and I absolutely love it! It is a really quick way of recording what has happened on each day and it’s great to reflect on in a few months. My goals page is on the other side of the spread, but I’ll go into that in a bit more detail in a later blog post.

This is perhaps my favourite double spread of the month. This is my third month using a self-care tracker, but it is my first time using one whereby each of the different aspects I am tracking are on their own graph. It is also my first time using a time tracker. I was hoping to be able to find where my time is going to maximise my productivity, so I’ll be sure to upload a blog post later about how I’m getting on with it.

Another of my favourite double spreads: my creativity and health (+ spending!) tracker. Sometimes I feel like I am going really overboard with the amount of trackers that I have for this month, but I adore how simple and cute this double spread is! It’s also really quick and easy to fill in using my Tombow Dual Art pens, I just need to make sure I am hitting all of my targets to really make this spread look colourful.

The cumulative tracker on the left-hand side is another new spread for the month. I found there were things that I had been tracking in previous months, but if I wanted to see if I was on track each day, I had to manually work it out. The cumulative tracker allows me to track my progress easily to see if I am on track (and I didn’t realise until after I had filled out the entire tracker that CampNaNo is actually in July, not June!) – the smudged area on the top of the left-hand page is the title of something I am tracking as a surprise for some people in my life, which is also why a lot of my pictures will have blurred areas, and the yellow highlighted boxes are where I am on track with my goal.

The spending tracker is something I had used a little bit last year but stopped filling it out properly, however I have been trying to save money recently so thought it would be good to reintroduce this to really control my spending.

The tracker is something I have been using – and loving – for months! I use it to track things like my moods, my health and my creativity, and it’s really easy going back and seeing what I did/how I felt on a certain day, and the last time I did a certain task.

The weekly review is something that I have been trialling out since last month as a way of evaluating how I am getting on with my goals, what is working well, and what I can do to try and improve.

And finally my dailies. I have been using my Tombow Dual Art pens to highlight each day (I just love the colours!). I try to do a different font/writing style for each month of my dailies, and this cute and quirky type is what I settled on for the month of June.


Do you use any of the same spreads? Which are your favourites?


Rebecca ♥

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