Bullet Journal: July 2017 Set-up

July 5, 2017

Wait… it’s JULY? When did that happen?!

It seems as though it hasn’t even been a week since my June 2017 Bullet Journal Set-up! Now I know that is partly because I haven’t been publishing as many blog posts as I would have wanted to (shame on me!) But it is also crazy to think that we are already over half way through the year! Alas, that is the subject for another blog post, and the subject for this blog post is July in my Bullet Journal.

The first thing to know about my July set-up is that I am using a colour scheme! I guess I’ve kind of used colour schemes in the past, but it has been more rainbow colours (or pastel for June 2017), I’ve never used a colour palette before. Since we are slowly making our way into summer here, I decided to go with a bright yellow and orange palette, using some of my crayola supertip markers as my four base colours.

I feel like my title page is kind of bland: it isn’t how I had expected it to turn out but I like that it is quite clean and sets the tone for the rest of my book – in fact, I started an entire new Leuchtturm1917 this month!

The next page in the month is a combination of my monthly log and one line a day. I’m not going to sugar coat the truth: I’m a hermit. If it were up to me, I would stay in every night after work and every weekend too. As a result, my monthly calendars are pretty bland because I don’t do much, whereas my One Line a Day spread from June looks much too cluttered for my liking, so I have combined both of these spreads into one single page for my July set-up, where I will aim for a more concise line/few words to summarise my day.

My next page is pretty much a copy from my June set up, displaying my favourites/currentlies. I did massively botch the spacing and the colouring, but I managed to swing it around and I really like how it turned out! I’m excited to read these spreads back in a couple of months and see how my favourites have changed over time.

Then I move on to my goals page. Being such an ambitious person, I couldn’t not have a goals page! The goals I have set this month are similar to last months, so equally ambitious, and I’m hoping that I’ll be a little more successful in crossing them off my list this month!

My spending log has changed quite a bit this month, and is inspired by bu.joos on Instagram. I changed it up from having a simple list, which last month only had about half a dozen lines filled in so looked very empty and half-filled in. Instead, I broke my spending down into 5 categories with an additional column for a total. I imagine most of the columns/rows will be empty this month as it only tracks surplus, non-bill spending and I am trying to save, but it will be interesting to see where my money is going (and how much I’m spending on books!)

My mood/food/water/sleep/energy/productivity trackers from last month have changed a smidge, firstly by not tracking my water in a spread and secondly by my sleep getting it’s own page. I had used a time tracker to record when I slept last month, but it also recorded how I spent the rest of my time and I didn’t find it as beneficial as I would have hoped, so I have changed it up a bit to only track when I sleep.

The next spread is my cumulative tracker, as mentioned in my June 2017 set-up. I have to be honest, I didn’t really use this spread that much last month, though that is down to me not really trying to achieve my goals, but I still loved the idea and potential behind this. 5 days into the month and I am already really using and loving this spread!

The tracker is something that I have been using since my very first Bullet Journal month, however I feel like I have drastically changed this from my typical style! If you have a look at my last month’s tracker, you will have seen what I usually do: use a double-page to track different aspects of my mental health, physical health, appearance, productivity and another few random aspects. This month, however, I massively changed it up. On this page, I have used a typical style spread to track my mental + physical health as well as a few other miscellaneous aspects.

My next page – and the final before my dailies – is the second page of my trackers. I decided to split up each of the different ‘productive tasks’ trackers into their own little section so I can see much easier how often I do a certain task, or when I last did it.

And that is my set-up for July! I’m feeling much happier about how I have set up my bullet journal for this month as opposed to last month, partly due to how much I reflected on my June set-up and what worked well/didn’t work well, and I’m really excited to see what this month will bring!

What does your July set-up look like? What are your favourite spreads?


Rebecca ♥

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