Bullet Journal: August 2017 Set-Up

August 10, 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s now August, which means a whole new Bullet Journal set up!

It has taken me quite a long time to set up for August, primarily because the last week of July and the first week of August ran away from me. I have been in limbo a bit since the start of August but I am finally set up and ready to share my spreads with you!

Title page

The title page really sets the hexagonal scene for the rest of the month. Around mid-July, I really wanted to use hexagons, so I decided to wait and do my entire August in a hexagonal theme! I love the consistency throughout the month, which is something I only really started trying to achieve from last month.


If you have read my previous Bullet Journal Set-Up post, you might recognise this page, which I have basically copied from last month. If it’s not broke, why fix it? I loved how this double-sread worked out, with the overview of my month on the left-hand side and my favourites/currentlies (i.e. summary of the month) on the right hand side.


I’m not going to bother speaking much about this page, as it is very similar to my previous months’ goals pages. I said last month that I am very ambitious, and that hasn’t changed, and probably won’t change for a very long time! Many of my goals are similar to last month, because they are either ongoing or smaller objectives of bigger goals. If you want more information on some of my long-term goals, be sure to check out my 2017 resolutions page and my 2017 revised resolutions.

I also devised a goals timeline to try and help me structure when to achieve certain goals. I haven’t really used it as much as I thought I would have before the start of the month, but it’s something that I will most likely replicate next month, hopefully with greater success!

SPENDING and blog LOGs

So I loved my spending log from last month. I absolutely loved it. It was really good to see the different categories where I had spent my money and although I did have a bit of a splurge last month (damn you, Next sale!) I am getting back on track with saving this month so I am really cracking down on how and where I spend my money. My overview spending log hasn’t changed much, however I have split each column into two: one side to be used for my personal account and one side to be used for the food account my fiancé and I share.

On the right hand page of this double spread is my blog plan. I have been trying really hard to blog much more in August, as well as up the quality of my blog posts and pictures. I have an online calendar of when to post but I also quite like analogue systems so I hatched this little beauty.


In terms of last month’s sleep log, I really enjoyed seeing when I went to bed vs when I woke up. However, towards the end of the month I realised that I simply wasn’t going to bed early enough to feel fully refreshed in the morning. I used to be able to sleep in quite late but recently, my anxiety has been winning and I’ve been waking up (fairly) early, even when I don’t have to! That means that with the late nights I’ve been having, I’ve not been getting enough sleep.

I have an idea to try and rectify that, which I will share with you all in my August review!


Again, the premise of these logs is still the same as last month, but I have made some changes to it since taking the above picture. Again, I will share with you the details in my August review (or perhaps I might post a picture on my Instagram before then!)


My tracker is pretty similar to last month’s, if you haven’t seen my July 2017 Set-Up. Again, I felt like this spread was working pretty well so I didn’t see any need to change it. Virtually the only difference this month will be the colour scheme!

The box habit tracker page was quite revalationary last month. It was really interesting to have all of the data for each task in one small concise box, as opposed to have it running down/across a line, and it made me realise how frequently/infrequently I do certain tasks. While I didn’t do some tasks as often as I would have liked, it was still motivating for me to see how long it had been since I last performed a certain task, which motivated me to do it more often.

And that is my August 2017 Set-Up!

What is your favourite spread? Do you have any spreads I should include next month?


Rebecca ♥

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      1. Oh no! I have gone through phases of loving and disliking my bullet journal, but overall it’s really helped me with my mental health and ambitiousness! It can be quite time-consuming at times – and recently it has felt like one of those times – but I think I’d be lost without it now!
        Rebecca ♥

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