Bullet Journal: July 2017 Review

August 2, 2017

Can you believe it has been almost one entire month since I posted my July 2017 Set-Up post?! Me neither! Since I shared my empty July spreads with you all last month, I thought it would be nice to do a little review and see how I got on with the different ideas I tried out.

One line a day/favourites

This is perhaps my favourite spread of the month. I mentioned in my July set-up post that I was making a change to my One Line a Day spread from June because it felt too cluttered. I love that this month, I have made my daily reviews shorter and snappier and managed not to waste space with my (minimal!) calendar.

The favourites spread is something I took the time to fill out on 31st July. It was really nice to sit down and reflect on my month, and it really excites me to see how my favourites change throughout the upcoming months.


As you can see by the spread on the left hand side, I didn’t do so well with my goals this month. I had the best intentions, but I can’t really say where my July escaped to! I have been thinking about how I can change these goals up so I don’t have a load of failed goals next month and I think I may have found my solution… (but you’ll have to check back next week to find out how I’ll be changing it!)

I did quite well in terms of saving/not spending, and then my mum told me about the Next sale. I didn’t buy as much as I could have, but I definitely spent quite a bit! But I know the clothes I bought will last me a long time, and I did get a lot for my money!

Sleep log

It was actually really interesting this month to see how much I slept. Or rather how little I slept. I always knew I wasn’t going to hit the 8 hours each night, every night, but the little highlighted days on the left-hand side show the nights that I did get 8 hours sleep. As you can see, it’s really not very often that I got my full 8 hours of beauty sleep! I’ll definitely be looking to change that this month.

Mood/food/energy/productivity logs

I enjoyed tracking these this month, but I can’t say they were as insightful as I’d thought they would be. I was hoping to find a correlation between food and my mood, or my energy levels – or maybe a correlation between my mood and productivity – but I can’t really say anything other than I appeared to be all over the place! But it did make me realise how erratic my eating habits have been this month, which I definitely need to work towards!


So… On about 9th July I decided not to do any writing in the month. It was a pretty big decision, as writing 2 books this year was one of my 2017 resolutions, with one of those books being written in July as per my July goals, however I didn’t prepare for it and the moment I decided not to go ahead with the writing, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, which is definitely not how I want to feel about writing! I’m hoping that I will be able to recharge my batteries ready for NaNoWriMo in November and then smash out an awesome book (hey, let me dream!)

The other two cumulative trackers were good to fill in but I don’t feel I got a lot of benefit from them, so they have not made it through to my August 2017 Bullet Journal set-up.

The other tracker on this spread, however, will definitely be returning to my August 2017 Bullet-Journal!

This boxed ‘habit’ tracker was the first time I had used this spread. I wanted a way of easily viewing when I last performed a certain task and how often I was performing it each month and this spread was perfect for that. I found it really eye-opening seeing how frequently/infrequently I was actually doing certain tasks and there were times when I couldn’t believe it had been over a week since I had last done something!


As you can see, I started off the week doing dailies. As soon as I started my Saturday 01st title, I realised I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the title, the layout, the writing, any of it. I didn’t feel like it fitted in with the theme I had hoped to be creating, but I persisted until the end of the week, when I was able to create my…


For the last 3 weeks of the month, I decided to use a combination of dailies/weeklies. Basically, I block out the space for each day when I complete this spread. Originally, it started off as one page per week, but then I upped it to one double page per week which made it so much more effective. What I love about this is being able to plan my entire week at once. So, if I decide on Monday that I am going to go for a run on Wednesday, I can pencil it in on Monday, without having to try and remember it until Tuesday evening, when I create my Wednesday daily. And if I decide on Tuesday to wash my whites on Thursday, darks on Friday and bright colours over the weekend, I can also pencil that in so easily and days in advance.

I also decided to add in a meal tracker so I can hopefully try and keep a better track of how well (or poorly, in my case!) I am eating.

Colour scheme

As you can probably tell, I decided to use a different colour per week of July (counting the straggler days at the start and end of the month as part of the first and last weeks). I feel like it would have turned out much nicer had I consistently used the double page weekly spread, but that’s the best thing about using a Bullet Journal: you make it work for you!


Rebecca ♥

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