Midweek Motivation

August 9, 2017

How is it only Wednesday?! I feel like I have been working hard all week, and I’m totally ready for it to be Friday tomorrow!

Working the 1pm-9pm shift is always pretty tough, and this week is no exception, so I did a little hand lettering earlier today to help me try and get through the week!

I found this quote on Pinterest yesterday and it really resonated in me.  I know quite a lot of people who have a negative mindset and although I am generally an optimistic person, sometimes it can be hard to really focus on my dreams or have an air of positivity about my goals, so it is good to remind myself that a positive attitude will help!

This quote is so true because I believe your attitude and reaction to life determines how well life goes for you. Obviously there are circumstances where life will simply kick your butt but in my personal experience, practising gratitude and mindfulness (having a positive mind) has helped me change how I see my life and how I react to certain situations, so I definitely think your mind affects your life!

How was your Wednesday? Do you have any quotes to help get you through the week?


Rebecca ♥

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