Wedding: Booking Our Honeymoon!

August 8, 2017

If you follow me in Instagram or you have read my July in Review post, you may have noticed that at the end of last month, Mr T and I booked our honeymoon!

To say we are excited is perhaps the biggest understatement of the year: I have already started counting down the days!

The backstory

Originally, we had been planning on getting married this coming September (2017) Since we went to Florida in 2015, we had dreamed of a honeymoon to Disney. However, we knew that moving into our own home and getting married in the same year would mean a Disneymoon was off the cards. The more we thought about our situation, the more it dawned on us that we should postpone the wedding. It wasn’t exclusively to have an awesome honeymoon (there was an abundance of reasons) but the honeymoon was a definite contributing factor.

Initially, I was disappointed about the postponement, but it also excited me as it meant Disney was back on the table!

Finally, after months of planning, budgeting and dreaming, we decided to start researching last month. Not too long later, we had booked the holiday!

The details

Since this is our honeymoon, we want a pretty epic holiday, so we are going for three weeks in a moderate resort.

If you aren’t familiar with the hotels (resorts) on Disney property, they are typically split into one of three categories: value (such as All Star Movies), moderate (such as Caribbean Beach Resort) and deluxe (such as the Grand Floridian). As you might expect, the value resorts are least expensive, with the deluxe resorts being quite expensive.

We stayed at the moderate Caribbean Beach Resort last time we went to Disney, and we loved it, so we knew we wanted to stay in another moderate. It was a toss up between CBR and another moderate – Coronado Springs – but we ultimately decided to go with a new resort and try Coronado Springs.

In terms of dates, we will be travelling the day after our wedding, which isn’t ideal, but Thomson gave us the best deal in terms of where to fly from and also dates to fly. Ultimately, it was a choice between the day after our wedding, or about four or five days afterwards (which we felt was too long to wait).


Luckily, we were able to book during the free dining window (which is still open until November for those in the UK). Staying at a moderate means we qualify for the Quick Service Dining Plan: this enables us each to have 2 self-service meals per day, 2 snacks per day and a refillable mug. We had this last time we went and it was a game-changer, especially as you can convert one self-service meal to three snacks if you want! Snacks can be anything from cupcakes, to popcorn to ice cream. It is definitely diverse and having the dining plan means we don’t have to worry about saving for food. So all of the money we save we can spend on souvenirs and memories.

Is three weeks too long?

We have mentioned to a few people that we will be going for three weeks and the response from a lot of people is “Don’t you think three weeks in Disney is too long?”

Simply put: no. I don’t. We don’t.

We are spending three weeks at a Disney resort, but those three weeks are also in Florida. We plan on going to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay and Busch Gardens. And also shopping on International Drive and at the outlets, a day at Miami Beach and another day at Gatorland. And anywhere else that takes our fancy.

My point is, although we will be staying on Disney property for the entire three weeks, we won’t exclusively be going to Disney for the entire 21 days. There will be days when we don’t go to Disney at all and days when we just go to a park for one or two hours (the transportation system in Disney is so easy!)

How much is it costing?

I don’t particularly want to get into the details of how much it is costing but if you’re desperate to know, head on over to Disney Holidays and price it up for yourself.

What I will say if you know how much it is costing, is that it is our honeymoon. Mr T and I don’t drink much alcohol (I drink probably 10 units a year at a push!), nor do we eat out a lot. We don’t have children and we tend not to spend frivolously. Although we have our own house, it is important for us to have the wedding and honeymoon of our dreams. We have both said that we would much rather have a cheaper wedding and a better honeymoon and that is what we are striving for.

When I think about how much it is costing, I do shudder at the thought sometimes. That money could be spent paying off our mortgage early, or perhaps put into retirement savings. There are a lot of things that we could do with that money, but we are choosing to spend it starting our married lives with a bang and we are being sensible with our savings!


And so that is the (brief) overview of our honeymoon. I am beyond excited, I am literally counting down the days! It is a dream come true for me, and I am determined to make the honeymoon worthwhile!

Have you ever been to DisneyWorld? Have you booked your honeymoon?

Or have you got any tips for going to DisneyWorld?


Rebecca ♥

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