August 2017 Review

September 5, 2017

I should have known August wasn’t going to be a good month for me when I hadn’t started setting up my Bullet Journal until the 6th. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to leave my set-up until that late, it’s that August started and I was so busy with work and other priorities that by the time I blinked, the first week had gone by. It then took me another week to set up for August and transfer all of my rough notes in my journal, by which time some of the spreads I had created were not the most useful.

However, I’m going to treat the entire month as a learning curve. It has proven to me how much I really rely on my Bullet Journal. Although I wish I could just forget about this past month, I know it would be better for me to evaluate my time to figure out how/where it went wrong and how to improve for next month. So, here are some of the reasons why August 2017 wasn’t so great for me.

I had a very warped perception of time

This isn’t a particularly new issue in my life, however I definitely feel like it was very apparent this month. I am trying to change this, however, and at the moment I’m actually reading a book about how people perceive time! My lack of bullet journal for the first 1/3 may have contributed to my poor perception of time but it did seem as though I blinked and missed half of the month. Which may be related to my next point…

I abused myself

Now, let me explain.

I have always struggled with having a good, positive, nourishing relationship with food, exercise and my general self esteem. Although I had been planning on eating well and starting an exercise plan, neither of those happened. And the more unhealthy I ate, the more unhealthy I wanted to eat. Not because I wanted the chocolate or crisps, but because I wanted to punish myself for having a binge.

While I would like to see this get better next month, I’m trying to have a realistic mindset and know that any fix for this will not be quick.

Too much passive time on social media

I know I am not the only person this applies to… who else will just switch off their brain for a few minutes and then wonder how long they’ve been sitting on their phone? Or how long they’ve been on Facebook? How many Instagram pictures they have just scrolled past?

I don’t think social media is bad – especially as I am trying to grow my Instagram and my blog to connect with other people like me – however I found myself snapping out of a haze and being on Facebook/Instagram a lot this month, without ever really having realised what I was doing. And when I was on it, I was too busy being a wallflower instead of using that time actively to engage with other content creators, which is something I want to change in September. I’ve actually included a spread on tracking this in my September BuJo set-up, which I’ll be posting tomorrow.

The positives

Of course, there were some positives in August, and that’s what I want to end on. August was a tumultuous month for me so it is important that I do try to remember the good that came from the month.

I crossed off a goal

Perhaps the best thing about August was that I completed one of my 2017 resolutions. I can’t say too much about it because it is in relation to a Christmas gift, but it is something I’ve ben working on for over a year now. Being totally honest, I should have finished this task by June so I am technically 2 months behind schedule for my next gift, however I’m going to take the small victory that I have earned for the month.

I became a brand ambassador

An absolutely amazing experience this month was when @kawaiismarts reached out to me. When I hit the ~950 Instagram followers mark, they got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to be a brand ambassador. After a few questions back and forth, and a few hours of thinking (and stalking their Instagram page!) I decided that yes: I did want to work with them.

And they are offering you 10% off @kawaiismarts when you use the code rebecca10. That 10% off can also be used on sale products, plus they have free international shipping… How awesome is that?!

I have planned some of my wedding!

Who else feels like September 2018 is so far away? I know I do! I think it is hard to appreciate how close next September is when:

  • We aren’t even in September 2017 yet
  • There is next summer to sort everything out

I totally live in the ‘summertime delusion’ as I call it… the thought process that you can do it all next summer because in your mind, summer is 4 months worth of long days, little sleep (but no sleep deprivation) and all of the free time in the world.

But in reality, summer is just like any other month. Yes the days are longer, but I still work the same number of hours. I still have the same amount of days off work as in the winter. I still need my 8 hours of sleep every night.

Having my wedding at the end of next summer is almost deluding me into thinking I have all of the time to prepare for it, but a get together with my mum and Nan on the last weekend of August showed me just how much there is for me to still do.

We sat down together and made a list of everything that I need to do for the wedding. We then ordered that list into a timeline so I know what to do each month. There’s definitely an awful lot for me to sink my teeth into but the fact that I can see the mountain ahead of me now is helping me prepare for the upcoming bumpy ride!

I got a printer!

Ok, so I’m a bit of a stationery nerd. Or a lot of a stationery nerd. I have been pining after a new printer for a really long time now (as in maybe a year?!) However it has only been recently that I decided to invest in my Canon Pixma ix6850.

In the short term, this printer will be perfect for wedding prep. Already I have used it to help me sort out my wedding mood board, and it will be crucial in making my invitations come to life.

Other than wedding prep, there’s not a huge amount I plan on using it for at the moment, but I know that it will be helpful (and perhaps crucial) to fulfil some of my dreams!

How was your August? What were some of your best bits?


Rebecca ♥

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