Bullet Journal: September 2017 Set-Up

September 7, 2017

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - title page

Another month, another Bullet Journal set-up! I feel like I say this every month, but this month I am loving my theme! For the first time probably ever, I decided to give up the perfection this month. Paradoxically, I feel like this actually helped make this month’s set-up even more perfect than it had been last month! I ditched the ruler and started hand drawing my lines. I also used watercolour to make this month much more of an artistic one.


In case you don’t know, I am getting married next September! As a result, I was sitting on Saturday afternoon practising with watercolours to use on my wedding stationery. I ended up playing around and blending some Crayola Supertips together. I loved the look of the blended masterpiece, but I didn’t love that it made the paper in my Leuchtturm1917 slightly crinkly. However, embracing the imperfection, I decided to go ahead with it anyway. The colours were just too perfect!

And the reason why they are perfect, is because they are my wedding colous! Or, as close as I can get them using the supertips.

I decided to use 5 colours of the super tips: two pinks/peaches and three blues/greens. When I created my headers, I decided not to bother trying to make it look perfect. I was quite messy with my brush strokes and my blending, but I love that. Being honest, I haven’t watercoloured in the best part of a decade so I knew that if I was going to spend time making it all look perfect and exactly the same, it would have taken me hours. And I wasn’t ready to spend hours more than I already had! So I kept it natural and unkempt, but I love the overall look.

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - calendar


One of the big differences in my spread this month is the addition of a monthly workable calendar and the removal of my weekly spreads. I will go into this in more detail on an upcoming post, however I think this opening spread is the perfect way to introduce my month.

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - captured monthly spread (close-up)


Being completely honest, the title of this spread was supposed to be ‘screenshot’ but I can’t letter ‘s’ very nicely so I changed it! This is a more artistic way of my previous favourites/currentlies spreads (June, July and August) I haven’t yet filled in the bottom of the ‘polaroid’ pictures with the different categories but I will have by the end of the month!

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - one line per day/summary spread

One line a day

I decided to expand my ‘one line a day’ into more of a summary per day. While I liked the ease of looking back over my previous lines in August, I felt like I was missing a lot out of my day by only having the space to write a few words. This month, I decided to expand that so I have the space to write a few lines of summary.

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - wheel health trackers (close-up)

Health trackers

I have changed my energy/mood/food/productivity trackers quite a bit this month. At some point last month, I decided to use circles. I liked my line graphs, but I felt like they were a bit bland and stoic, whereas circular trackers are much more artistic and free! I also added a water tracker and a sleep tracker (both of which I had tracked way back in June but hadn’t continued in July and August)

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - sleep and reading logs

Sleep log

How could I not include this one?! I love my sleep log, but this month I changed it up a bit by colour coding how long I had slept for. I had attempted this last month, but my colours were way to similar to notice the difference in how long I had slept for. I’m hoping that it will be a lot easier to see how much sleep I got per night with these colours.

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - reading log (close-up)

Reading log

@libriana totally inspired this spread! When I saw it on Instagram, it really inspired me to read more. I love reading, but I don’t always make the time for it. However I have created this spread in my Bullet Journal to hopefully try and change that a bit, and it is all thanks to @libriana!

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - spending log

Spending log

So… I didn’t really fill in my spending log properly last month. Again, I think that is because I had such a pants month and didn’t really start using my journal until the middle of the August. However this month, I am determined to get back on track with spending (or rather saving), especially as we have now started seriously planning our wedding (and have booked our honeymoon!)

My spending log isn’t any different to what it was last month, but I have added in an additional page opposite which I will show you all when I have filled it in!

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - social media log and tracker

Social media log

As I mentioned in my August review, I spent a lot of time passively on social media. Unfortunately, I stopped using Instagram as much and ended up feeling disconnected. If you follow my blog, you might also realise that I had about a 2 week break at the end of August. I really want to get back into connecting with other people, so my social media log is helping me keep track of what I have done each day.


This is a complete change from my usual dot tracker in previous months! I have used a dot tracker since I started journalling almost two years ago but recently I’ve felt like it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as I had once thought. Instead, I am trying out this tracker, which separates the different aspects I am tracking.

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - food and stats tracker

Food/stats tracker

I first used this spread the very first month I started journalling. I used it each month until last August, when I fell off the track with my eating habits. Since then, I have been reluctant to use this tracker again as it felt so constricting. But now I am starting to take control of my life, and I really want to get back on track with my food. As a result, I am tracking what I eat and when I eat it, hopefully to make me realise where/when I am being so unhealthy.

In the top right corner, I also have my weight/body fat tracker. Although I’m trying not to get too hung up on the numbers, it is nice to know the progress I am achieving.

Sincerely Rebecca: September 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up - build a bar


Finally, we have my build-a-bar. I will post a more in-depth post about this later, however for now, it is my way of tracking how many times I am completing a certain habit/act per month. Be sure to check back within the month to find out more about how I use this spread!


What are some of your favourite spreads? Have I inspired you with any of mine?



Rebecca ♥

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