About Rebecca, the person

Welcome to Sincerely, Rebecca, run by Rebecca, a 23-year-old Englishwoman, lab worker, chocoholic and general crazy cat whose ultimate goal in life is to be happy.

I am a Potterhead and a Disnerd, I am a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, an aunt and a fiancé to Mr T.

When I am not rewatching a horror/Disney/animated film – and even sometimes when I am doing this – I spend my time reading, writing, crafting and loving my dogs.

Born and raised in the middle of England, I dislike loud noises and crowds of people and I use way too many exclamation marks and emojis!! 🙂

I’m always cold, apart from when I’m hot, and I cannot wink, whistle or ride a unicycle, but I can name almost every capital city in the word and reach the top shelf in most stores.

About Sincerely, Rebecca, the blog

Thank you for stumbling your way onto Sincerely, Rebecca, my personal blog that started in 2017. It had been festering in my mind for a really long time before I put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard)

This little corner of the Internet is a creative outlet for the chronology of my life as I embark on my journey to turn my house into a home and plan my impending wedding with my Mr T. It is a place to share my photographs, my goals and achievements, my advice, my tips, writings about my life and perhaps the occasional recipe as I make my way through the journey of my life to lead to happiness within myself.

Thank you for finding your way to my blog and be sure to check out my social media links to stay updated!